Helping contractors to monitor projects.

Aerial surveying will save you time and a big chunk of money. Learn how our drone services will impact your productivity.

1 - Change how things work.

Airflow Creations’ Drone Services help change the construction industry by allowing general contractors to:

  • Make in-depth land assessments faster and cheaper
  • Simplify job site monitoring process with aerial data
  • Compare construction plans to the actual current conditions
  • Provide visual context to team meetings.

From monitoring excavation to updating information in planning commission or on-site team meetings, all phases of a construction process benefit from drone monitoring. We prepared a list of benefits that aerial mapping services applications can provide to construction professionals and posted them right here for you.

2 - Keeping it on-schedule.

Sequencing plan will always guide you, but our drone inspections give confirmation that everything is doing as you planned:

  • Verify current on-site logistic performance
  • Supervise subcontractors progress
  • Document the construction phases on a weekly basis
  • Overlay current geo-located images to construction plan
  • Make quick 3D measurements and annotations to plant
  • Send images back to onlooking engineers and maintenance team

Monitor construction site using our drone services lead to a productive on-site logistics. Aerial mapping allows construction managers to make evaluations and comparisons to optimize execution.

Our monitoring plans are affordable and will make managers,  superintendents and owners very happy. Learn more about out weekly inspection here.

3 - Information you need.

Using drone technology, Airflow Creations wants to help you:

  • Understand the lay of the land
  • Analize cut and fill
  • Calculate stock piles volumetrics
  • Locate unstable pillar and precariously balanced laborer
  • Verify area, distances, heights, sizes and shapes
  • Calculate soil defict and surplus
  • Monitor compliance requirements
  • Making hazardous inspections easier
  • Identifying utilities on site and surroundings
  • Share map annotations
  • Inspect concrete and pipe instalation for heat loss

We prepared a list of benefits that aerial mapping services applications can provide to construction professionals and posted them right here for you.

4 - Communication is key.

Providing visual context in meetings can solve many issues. We encourage clients to use our updated  3D data and bring in team meetings, as it always encourages participation and engagement:

  • Avoid miscommuniation with subcontractors
  • Engage people in on-site meetings using current visual content
  • Visual context helps with updating architects and engineers

Visually comparing blueprints, as-builts and updated aerial maps can help construction managers to update subcontractors, arquitects, engineers, planning commissions and owners to projects needs. Keep everyone informed and maintain a clear common goal.

5 - Owners will love it!

Property owners and investors worry if the project is being done properly and on-time. What you can do:

  • Provide them with updated aerial inspections will calm the nerves, reasssuring you have control in every step of the process.
  • Let them share a construction time lapse of their investment
  • An aerial assessment might just get you the bid in the first place

When owners feel visually informed by contractors, they tend to collaborate much more than put pressure. They will love to see overhead shots, 3D models and mosaics, it might just help secure the funds and encourage investments.

6 - It saves a lot of time!

Commisioned surveyours might take a couple days to turn around relatively limited results. Airflow Creations can provide overnight files when time is of an essence. Weekly inspections will:

  • Reduce multiple field visits
  • Increase the amount of measurements and inspections available
  • Avoid dispatching personnel or machinery before time
  • Allows contractors to tackle the issues rather than search for them
  • Identfy issues before they turn into delays
  • Collect information from large areas much faster

We want to help you reduce unexpected construction expenses and delays. Airflow Creations Drone Services offers weekly monitoring packages. Contact us today!

7 - Verify the as-build

Old construction documentation or a brief site visit with simple photographs can lead to huge planning and estimate mistakes.

  • Prevent for dicrepancies
  • Increase awareness of surrounding features and structures.
  • Claim as capital expendure when included on the as-build or as-maintained documentation. Save tax dollars down the road while increasing productivity.

Save tax dollars down the road while increasing productivity. Let us take care of drone operations for you.

8 - Delays cost the job!

Avoiding delays is one the top priorities of any construction manager. While they must do whatever they can to make sure the project keeps on track at all times. Manager are concerned that:

  • it is very risky to only rely on brief site visits to monitor the physical progress of a construction site.
  • Limited information might affect forcasting
  • Miscommunication might lead to delays
  • Missing on avoidable issues might occur extra costs

We provide aerial monitoring packages to keep construction managers updated and helping minimize delays in the construction logistics. Our weekly monitoring plans will increase your productivity and keep the job you love!

9 - Cheaper means safer.

Sending out staff to monitor job sites can imply liability to construction companies, depending on the hazardous zone they need to inspect. Although this process is currently well adopted, reducing required personnel on-site can significantly help mitigate liability.

Our aerial operations using remotely controlled aircrafts can:

  • reduce costs with especialized personnel to inspect areas
  • Increase safety reducing amount of people on-site
  • Keeping updated on site conditions can avoid hazards

We can perform weekly drone operations from a safe zone, avoiding extra personnel in high risk areas. The operations are designed to comply with all regulations and procedures required by law to preserve maximum safety for every flight.

10 - Beyond the traditional.

Most construction companies have relied on traditional resources for planning and execution of a project. The most common are:

  • Manual measurements
  • Outdated Construction Document
  • Google earth imagery
  • On-site pictures taken from the ground
  • Commisioned survey or topography services
  • Laser Scanning

Although considerably cheap, most of these methods have several obvious limitations. Except for laser scanning, which offers 3D information, all the other options are very limited to the amount of data is capture during a site visit.

Aerial mapping using drone technology: We can combine photogrammetry and unmanned aerial systems to offer  you some great advantages…

  • Considerably less expensive than laser scanning
  • Visual vantage point of being in the sky.
  • More result options
  • Less hardware required to use data provided
  • True colors

However, using aerial 3D mapping and drone inspections, Airflow Creations provides  information than traditional survey at a considerably lower cost when compared to laser scanning.

Some of the features:

  • Point Clouds
  • Orthomosaics
  • 3D Models
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Digital Surface Models
  • Measurements and volumetrics