About Airflow Creations

  Airflow Creations drone services providing Point Cloud for BIM Managers. Data & Audiovisual Content development firm, founded in 2014 as Airflow Creations DBA and Incorporated in California in 2017 by the CEO Giovanni Castilhos.

  Airflow Creations offers Aerial Mapping Services to Construction, Agriculture and Media Production. We operate the drone service and also perform primary processing for 3D reconstruction and used in various applications.

  Based in California, Airflow Creations serves the growing drone service market in USA, as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry develops. Airflow Creations incorporates aerial technologies to achieve more in-depth results.

  One of the first Aerial Mapping firms to receive FAA certification in the world, Airflow Creations thrives for the safety in operations as well as high quality data.

  We operate under FAA Exemption 333 and now, also, under the recent FAA UAG Pilot Certificate. Drone services require not only performing the flight for data collection, but also intense official communication and aeronautical awareness, as well as technical software processing knowledge.

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